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Valero Pearls: The jewellery brand for pearl lovers.

The Persians viewed them and tears of the Gods, in Greece they were considered “drops of the moon” and the Romans connected them with Venus, the Goddess of Love: Pearls have fascinated humankind for more than 4000 years as a symbol for beauty, purity and luxury. Not least because of their mysterious transformation in the depths of the ocean are they surrounded by a special magic. Today pearls are still one of the most valuable natural products in the world and the “jewels of the sea” continue to conquer women’s hearts.

Thanks to the discovery of pearl growing in the 1960’s, the magic of pearls is no longer restricted to the rich and mighty. Freshwater cultured pearls in their grand variety of sizes and colours are now amongst the most popular and most worn pearls in the world and are affordable for everyone. Be seduced by the soft shimmer of these wonderful treasures!

Valero Pearls offers you a wide variety of enchanting pearl jewellery. Our pearl label stands for the highest quality materials, love to detail and exceptional design. Exclusively hand-selected freshwater pearls from carefully selected pearl farms are used to make our collections. These pearls are transformed into valuable pieces of jewellery in ateliers which work according to all rules of the goldsmith trade. All silver elements are made from real sterling silver and are either gold-plated or plated with a rhodium layer so that the shine of your jewellery will stay for years to come.

Jewellery fans do not only find classical pearls for special occasion in our Valero Pearl collections, but rather also jewellery with fashionably colourful pearls and trendy combinations of materials for work and leisure time:

Valero Pearls Classic puts the pearl right in the centre of the limelight. The timeless, beautiful creations from exquisite freshwater pearls, subtly clasped in rhodium-plated sterling silver guarantee admiring attention of those around you.

You would like to make a fashion statement? Then you will love our Valero Pearls Fashion collection. When the classical pearls meet real leather and colourful organza ribbon, individual pieces of art with character are created.

Our Valero Pearls Silver collection will mesmerise you with their glittering zirconia elements and sparkling diamonds. Whether mirror polished or matt finished, yellow gold or rose gold plated: These spectacular pieces will transform every outfit into an eye-catcher.

Whether classical, trendy or glamorous: Valero Pearls collections will bring a smile to any pearl enthusiast.

Valero Pearls: Dive into the fascinating range of pearl jewellery!